About Us

Unilava (Stock Symbol: UNLA) with its subsidiary brands is a provider of diversified communication services across multiple devices and software platforms. We provide feature-rich technology that offers flexibility, mobility and user-friendly applications.

We host and deliver affordable unlimited service plans for mobile cellular service, hosted voip and broadband internet nationwide for both business and residential. The company is also licensed to provide long distance services in 41 states and local phone services in 11 states. In addition, we build and operate software solutions for enterprise social networking, local business listings and marketing tools that utilize video chat, video email, e-fax, VoIP, and conference calling.

The company also owns 40 carrier-grade microwave towers across the United States offering collocation services and wireless broadband connectivity.

Unilava services are sold on the web and in retail stores nationwide. For more information about our products and services that we offer, visit us at www.telava.com, www.telavamobile.com, www.telavawireless.com, www.catchee.com, www.localareayellowpages.com, www.counia.com and www.countryconnect.us.

Unilava Corporation is headquartered in San Francisco with regional offices in Chicago, Hong Kong and Seoul.


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