Corporate Governance

Our Responsibilities


Unilava employees are committed to providing quality products and exceptional customer service. Focusing on serving our customers with the best communications technology is our responsibility. With our unwavering integrity and holding a high regard of accountability in everything that we do, we will produce a solid return for our shareholders, deliver meaningful work from ourselves and each other, and give back to our communities.


We are committed to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in the communities that we serve. Our primary giving focus is supporting your community through education. Unilava vigorously supports education through programs that connect educators and students through the use of internet connection to improve accessibility to advance science, math and technology education, particularly for women and underserved populations. Unilava is also committed to the responsible use of natural resources, and conservation. Funding for future environmental programs will be considered. Unilava continues to give priority to programs with educational and technological components.


Diversity is a way of life. In a dynamic environment where individual perspectives are valued, teamwork is encouraged, and individual achievements are honored and recognized. We are dedicated to making our work environment a place where our employees thrive creatively and intellectually. It’s the way we do business and the key to our success as a leader in the industry.The diversity of our employees is the ingredient for success that sets Unilava apart. Our workforce is international thus representing a full array of different backgrounds, yet each person has one common goal-commitment to creating market-driven products and technology designed to make a significant difference. The perspectives, abilities and experiences of our workforce are key to the success of our company and fundamental to our role as an industry leader. Through their innovative thoughts and actions, our employees have proven that it is possible to impact and change the way people live and work around the world.

We Value Individual Perspectives

Our company was built on great ideas and core values including discipline, quality and risk taking. We honor, value and celebrate the unique viewpoints of our employees, communities, customers, suppliers, and other partners in the global marketplace. We are committed to creating a work environment that is stimulating and inspirational.

Training and Development

Unilava Corporation offers a variety of training and development opportunities including management and leadership development, employee development and education, online training courses, and seminars taught through Unilava.

Intercultural Initiatives

Since inception, Unilava has offered intercultural initiatives to help our employees perform more effectively in a global business environment.